About Us

We are a small,

new, home based Boxer Kennel

in the Bay Area of California, U.S.A.

  Our hope is to breed Boxers of excellent health,

temperament and conformation for

work and/or show, but always as beloved

pets and integral parts

of their families.

It is our steadfast belief

that Boxers of the highest caliber are

world wide, and that great Boxer breeders

will draw upon the traits and genotypes of

each Boxer, not simply the country

of origin or breeding. 

While the foundation of our line is from

Europe (Germany), even their breeders drew and

still draw upon all of Europe to develop their lines. 

Germany sent some of their best Boxers to America

when we wanted to breed them.  We eagerly

imported them for the excellent

  Boxers that they were.

For this reason, we imported.  Not because

there are no exceptional Boxers in the U.S.A., but

because the traits we favored were harder to pinpoint in any single line locally:  The general size (medium, square); the bone and general substance; the drive; the pigment, chins, tight feet, short backs, steadycoats and wide jaws of the breed;

and lastly, the breeder contracts >g<.

Many of these traits are

viewed as the more “unrefined” elements specific

to the Boxer of Northern, Southern Europe and abroad.  The

breed would be seen as “lacking in (the) elegance”

we have so carefully bred into our

American style of the breed

Still, we also found what we thought were

many beautiful, elegant Boxers in other countries as we

searched for our foundation.  And yet, they have that “substance” that some say is becoming relatively obsolete in America.

But, “Isn’t the Boxer supposed to be unique

because of BOTH it’s substance  and elegance?”  we asked?

“Let the marriage begin”  we said.

“Let us begin to combine the best we all have to offer

from all over the world for the sake of the breed.  Let us open

our minds to the idea that there is, after all, an entire world full of correct Boxers with lovely qualities to consider.  Let us travel full circle - back through the runway that introduced us to the breed.  Let us share trade secrets for health and

longevity, substance and elegance, beauty

and brains, and together rediscover

our first love.


email info@runwayboxers.com


Runway Boxers


Proud members of the United States Boxer’s Association,

Boxers West


the East Bay Boxer Club